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Bohemia Meatloaf

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Discover unlimited delicious ideas to taste a great meatloaf

The Meatloaf Company


Ravy is the largest European producer of roasted meatloaf. For the past 25 years we focus solely on the roasting the best meatloaf and bringing it to the world.

Meatloaf is the traditional roasted meal enjoyed on a daily basis by Bohemian families and shared among friends.

We came from Bohemia, the heart of Europe, where the lager beer originated. The Czech people like to get together, enjoy and share the good moments in their lives with good foods.


Today, people are living in at much fast-paced and we, Ravy, would like to support them by providing high quality ready to eat food. 

Our product is based on the original 19th century Bohemian roasted meatloaf recipe by the famous Czech cookbook writer Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová.

At Ravy we understand that Japanese people love food and enjoy its variety. We have a product that you can utilise in so many different ways. We believe Japanese customers will notice and appreciate this unique trait of the roasted meatloaf.

Ready to eat

Easy preparation

Unlimited presentation variety

Best quality roasted meatloaf manufactured for you in Toyama, Japan.

Bohemia Meatloaf

Fresh & Tasty
Fresh burger
Afternoon snack
Party pinchos